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Before your appointment:
    *Don't wear mascara and makeup around the eyes.

      *Limit your caffeine. (It can make your eyes twitch making it harder            to have the lashes applied.)

    *Keep your eyes closed.

      *Stay still while laying down on the comfortable bed.

    (Any movement makes it hard to do a good job. Imagine someone              working on your lashes with sharp tweezer. Please don't even move            your arms when you talk once you are on the bed. It's for your safety.)

       * Avoid getting the lashes wet for the first 24 hours.
       * Be gentle. Don't touch or pull your stunning new lashes :)

     * Do not use oil-based eye make-up remover. 

       * Keep the eye area clean. 

Eyelash Extensions

We believe in a thorough consultation, listening to each client and working together towards your ultimate eyelash goal.  

Refill service is recommended approximately every 3 weeks.  This can vary depending on how full you want to maintain your lashes and on the rate of your natural hair growth cycle.   
   We use the highest quality lash extensions in the market from            Japan, Korea and the U.S.
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